Easily Constructed Wall Shelves


All that is necessary to make and support the simple set of wall shelves, shown in the illustration, is lumber for the shelves, four screw eyes, four screw hooks, sufficient picture-frame wire to form the braces and supports, and wood screws for attaching the wire.

On the top side of the upper shelf are fastened the four screw eyes, two near the wall edge and the others near the outer edge.

To support the upper shelf four screw hooks are used; two placed in the wall and spaced to match the set of screw eyes nearest the wall. The other two being placed above the first and connected to the outer set of screw eyes with the wire, thereby forming strong inclined supports.

The remaining shelves can be hung to suit by the supporting wires, which are fastened with screws to the end of each shelf.

build wall shelves


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