Wooden Toys - Build A Toy Horse That Walks


This toy, amusing for the youngsters, and their elders as well, will repay you for making it. Use a cigar box for the carriage, making it about 10 in. high, and shape it in the design shown.

Nail a piece of wood, 1/8 by 2 by 4 in. wide, on each side of the carriage, and drill 1/8-in. holes in them for the axle.

For the horse, take a piece of wood, 1/2 by 4 by 6 in. long, and draw an outline of the head, neck, and body. Cut this out and drill 1/8-in. holes where the legs are attached.

Cut the legs as shown, about 3 1/2 in. long. Attach them with small bolts, or rivets, allowing space to move freely.

The wheels are made of pine, 1/2 in. thick and 3 in. in diameter. The axle is made of 3/16 in. wire bent to the shape indicated, 1/2 in. at each offset.

Fit the wheels on the axle tightly, so as not to turn on it, the axle turning in the pieces nailed to the sides of the carriage. The horse is attached to the top of the carriage by a strip of wood. A 3-ft. wooden handle is attached to the back of carriage to guide it. Wires are attached to the legs, connecting with the offsets in the axle.

Build A Toy Horse


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