How to Make An Eight-Pointed Star Kite


Nearly every boy can make kites of the several common varieties without special directions. For the boy who wants a kite that is not like those every other boy makes, an eight-pointed star kite, decorated in an original and interesting manner, in various colors, is well worth while, even if it requires more careful work, and extra time.

The star kite shown in Fig. 1 is simple in construction, and if carefully made, will fly to a great height. It is balanced by streamers instead of the common type of kite tail. Any regular-shaped kite should be laid out accurately, as otherwise the error appears very prominent, and unbalances the poise of the kite.

The frame for this star kite is made of four sticks, joined, as indicated in Fig. 5, with strings running from one corner to the second corner beyond, as from A to C, from C to E, etc. A little notching of each pair of sticks lessens the thickness of the sticks at the center crossing, and strengthens the frame.

The sticks are 1/4 by 1/2 in. by 4 ft. long. They are set at right angles to each other in pairs, and lashed together with cord, and also held by a 3/4-in. brad at the center. The strings that form the sides of the squares, A to G, and B to H, must be equal in length when tied. The points where the strings forming the squares cross each other and the sticks are also tied.

The first cover, which is put on with paste, laying it out on a smooth floor or table as usual in kite making, is plain light-colored paper. The darker decorations are pasted onto this. The outside edges of the cover are turned over the string outline, and pasted down. The colors may be in many combinations, as red and white, purple and gold,
green and white, etc. Brilliant and contrasting colors are best.

The decoration may proceed from the center out, or the reverse. The outside edge in the design shown has a 1 1/2 in. black stripe. The figures are black. The next octagonal black line binds the design together. The points of the star are dark blue, with a gilt stripe on each. The center design is done in black, dark blue, and gilt.

The flags are tied on, and the tassels are easily made of cord. The outside streamers are at least 6 ft. long, and balanced carefully. Ribbons, or dark-colored lining cambric, are used for them.

The funnel-shaped ends balance the kite. They are shown in detail in Figs. 2, 3, and 4, and have 1 in. openings at the bottom, through which the air passes, causing a pull that steadies the kite. They are of dark blue, and the cloth fringe is of light blue.

A thin reed, or fine wire, is used for the hoop which stiffens the top. Heavy wrapping or cover paper is used to cover the hoops. It is cut as shown in Fig. 4 and rolled into shape.

A four-string bridle is fastened to the frame at I, J, K, and L, as shown. The upper strings are each 18 in., and the lower ones 32 in. long, to the point where they come together, and must be adjusted after the kite line is fastened at M.

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Make An Eight-Pointed Star Kite


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