How to Make A Model Paper Airplane That can be Steered


An interesting bit of paper construction is a small monoplane made from a 7-in. square of paper, folded as indicated in the diagram and provided with a paper tail. This little monoplane can be steered by adjusting the tail, and even made to loop the loop in the varying air currents.

For the boy who enjoys experimenting with such a model this little construction offers much instruction and entertainment, and the grown-up who still has an interest in such things will also find it a worth-while job.

To make this model, fold a square of medium-weight paper on the dotted lines, as indicated in Fig. 1 in the diagram. Then unfold the sheet and refold it as in Fig. 2. Then bring the folded corners A and B into position, as shown at A and B in Fig. 3.

Fold the corners C and D upward to the position C and D in Fig. 4. Fold corners G and H to the corresponding letters in Fig. 5. Fold points J and K to the corresponding letters in Fig. 6.

Raise the points J and K, Fig. 6, and fold them in so that the corners which were below them in Fig. 6 now come above them, as at L and M in Fig. 7. Fold the corner N back along the line OP, Fig. 8, so that the shape of the main portion of the model is as shown in Fig. 9, at OP. Make the tail 1 1/2 by 14 in. long, as shown in Fig. 10, and paste it into position.

This completes the model, which can be steered by bending or twisting the tail.

Click on picture for details on how to make this monoplane.

Make A Model Paper Airplane That can be Steered


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