Chicken Coop Plans - Coop for Sitting Hens


When several hens are to hatch out settings at the same time, considerable space can be saved and much convenience afforded by making a coop as shown in the illustration.

It consists of an outer frame of boards, 1 ft. wide and 6 ft. long, or as long as desired for the runway. The frame is divided into compartments by boards extending from end to end, each compartment being for one hen.

The frame is placed on level ground and staked in place. At opposite ends of each compartment is a hinged cover. The intervening space is covered with wire netting, with shelter boards placed loosely over it.

Under one of the hinged covers, the nest should be placed on the ground, and at the opposite end food and water are provided. Each hen has plenty of space to exercise in, and must at least get up for food and water. The individual covers permit separate examination of the eggs, or feeding of the hens.

chicken coop plans

Double Roofs Provide Ideal Shade for Chicken Coops

Having no native shade in our city chicken yard, we noticed one summer that the hens, especially those in the low brooder coops, became droopy and exhausted from the excessive heat.

We studied the construction of the U. S. Weather Bureau thermometer shelter, which usually stands out in the sun, and is no larger than our brooder chicken coops. It has a double roof with free air-circulation space between the roofs, hence the enclosed thermometers are exposed to a true-shade temperature.

We then placed an extra roof on each of the brooder coops, leaving a 6-in. open air space between, the top roof being supported at the corners only. The arrangement proved so effective that the hens sought the coops, against the heat of unventilated inclosures on quiet, hot days.


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