Make A Quick-Acting Bench Vise


For those who desire a quick-acting vise and cannot afford the price of a manufactured one, make the vise shown in the illustration. A detail is given of each part, with dimensions, so that it is not difficult to make it from hard wood.

The roll A binds the vise so that it remains rigid, while the cam in front gives the necessary play, to release or tighten as preferred. The clamp jaw B is pivoted so that it swings loose, thus making it fit any surface that may not be parallel with its opposite side.

In releasing the stock, the cam is first turned, and then the front part of the vise is pulled up to relieve the roll A. The front jaw can be then moved back and forth to take stock of any size desired. As soon as the stock is placed, the roll A falls into place and clamps the jaw arm C.

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Make A Quick-Acting Bench Vise


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