Wood Toy Plans - Build a Mechanical Toy Alligator of Wood


A toy alligator that opens its mouth and wags its tail as it is pulled along can be made of wood by a boy, with a jackknife. The various parts, as shown, are cut from soft wood, l/2 in. thick.

The method of fastening the parts is shown in the side sectional view. When the wheels turn, the cams A, set on the crank portions of the wheel axles, raise and lower the jaw and tail.

The upper jaw is 1 in. wide at the widest part, and 3 in. long. The lower jaw is smaller, and the same length. The body is 6 in. long, and tapering in width from l 1/2 to 3/4 in.

The tail is 4 3/4 in. long, and 3/4 in. wide. Holes are drilled in each piece near the edge, at joining points, through which wires are drawn, and clamped, as at B.

The legs are shown in detail. They are attached to the body by drilling a 1/16 in. hole in each, and a hole through the body, through which the fastenings are passed.

The lower end of the legs are fastened to the base, which is 3 by 9 in. long. Square holes, 1 in. wide, near each end, are provided for the cams A.

The axles and wheels are made as shown. The axles fit tightly in the wheels, so that the latter can move the axles around with each turn. The axles are made from 1/8-in. wire, bent as shown, and should be long enough, after passing through the bottom, to extend through the wheels on each side.

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Wooden Toy Alligator Plans


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